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About Us
Beyond Payments is an international provider of high quality solutions and services to its clients.
Our extensive suite of solutions and services enables us to lead our clients into the next generation of smart and secure systems.
By applying our “best in class” services together with leading technologies from our strategic partners, Beyond Payments is delivering innovative and award winning solutions to our clients worldwide.

What does Beyond Payments offer?
By the very nature of our specialization, Beyond Payments solutions bring extensive world-class
quality expertise and service excellence to meet the demanding business and technology needs of
our customers. Our Services enable our customers to use us as a “one stop shop” to cover all of
their IT security and payment systems needs.
We provide an advanced framework to better understand the client's needs and offer creative and
tailored solutions to match their specific business strategies and objectives. We apply structured
methodologies, delivery flexibility; and a competitive advantage through technological innovation,
value-added and cost effective best practices.

Beyond Payments offers services and products covering 3 lines of Business:

Working principally with financial institutes, telecom companies and governments, Beyond Payments is aimed at helping customers develop their strategy, design, implementation and deployment through enhanced knowledge about payment, smart cards and security. Through our Payment and Security Centers of Excellence our fields of expertise cover:
  • Banking smart cards and migration to EMV
  • Mobile payments technology
  • NFC & Mobile Payments
  • eID & ePassport
  • Cryptography
  • Other value-added services


Using our international experience and our strategic partners, we offer a wide range of security products and solutions for the financial, telecom, insurance and government markets:
  • Design & Review IT systems & infrastructure.
  • Risk management and fraud detection
  • Cryptography and key management
  • Compliance
  • Workshops for physical and logical security compliance and external audits
Through the years we have developed several training programs and workshops, focusing on information security and the smart card industry:
  • Secure Coding & Developers Workshops
  • Security Awareness
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cryptography and Key Management
  • EMV Expert & Executive Training
  • EMV Issuer and Acquirer Workshops
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